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Yellow Dance Machine

Update: Not much yet, but I must take my own medecine and share my work :)

I have rebuild the thing completely, am finishing it when I get a litle time here and then. New pic, that is all there is on this update :)

I have been working on how to use very simple circuits to make music into pulses, transfer this over air to a robot.

Thought is then to have the robot analyze these pulses, find beats, and .. well.. basically dance to the music.

Perhaps not the wildest of dance, but at least move in a grovy fashion.

Point is that once pulses are in air, it takes a very cheap reciever to get it down, so any number of robots could be "dancing" or where ever this leads me ;)

Also, an old robot of mine could send out pulses instead of my stereo - and so robots can move in a funky way. I think.

This is the first robot made / being made to "listen to the music", I will update this as I make progres with it :)

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I can see the potential.  Like your style as always (especially the re-appropriated parts).  It makes me want to believe that the big (now yellow) plastic thing in the center was a toilet float ?!?  :D

No, I experiment with vacum molding, and it is molds of joystick-parts, no toilets involved :)

Really interesting what you're making Frits! Will be following this as I'm making a second robot that will be able to play MP3 files ( thinking about singing, beat-boxing, or just a nice melody) and like him to make music together with my Yellow Freak Machine.. so these 2 robots have to be synchronized.

We could share knowledge about that. Perhaps in future we could make a movie with our robots playing together? In the LMR spirit of robots all over the world it could be real fun to make..

What if yellow dance machines responded to yellow drum machine beats and sent out RF based on some criteria that drum machine picked up and interpreted and modified its drumming based on those signals?  Could be a whole symbiotic ecosystem!