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Delta Robot

Moving to given points

This Delta Robot is made from ply wood and aluminium. Cheap servo motors for the positioning. Atmel Attiny2313 for controlling the servos over RS232 with MATLAB. MATLAB calculates full inverse kinematics for the robot. The robot moves to given points. The point-to-point movement is realised with linear interpolation and inverse kinematics.

How does the inverse kinematics work? Look here: http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/tutorials/introduction-129/delta-robot-kinematics-3276/ or here: http://www.cm.mcgill.ca/~paul/clavdelt.pdf

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Hi, May I know if you have checked how much load your delta robot can hold?


I implement the code given in your references in the MATLAB to find the forward and Inverse Kinematics.
When I did the cross check then I get the wrong results.
First I put the dummy angle in the forward kinematics and get the position, after that I put that position in the Inverse Kinematics but at that time I get the different angles as I put in the forward kinematics before.
Can anyone explain this deviation in the cross check ? ?
Thanks in Advance

Hi !

Is there any special condition to make the upper triangular plate always paraller to the base ?



I wonder if it would be possible to manufacture a CNC router from a DELTA-bot

Generally I've only seen Stewart platforms used.  Why stop at 3 axis when you can go for all 6?

Can you post some code? 

Why a hinge instead of ball bearings?  Is the hinge necessary to keep the platform level?  I've built mockups in Alibre where I can twist the end effector so that it is not level.

Neat robot! That would make a neat and easy to build leg for a biped,just flip it upside down and make the little triangle bigger.

I found this post quite interesting and found myself on youtube looking at a lot of different versions on this theme. It it indeed true that your 3-point setup will always remain level or parallel with the table? If only one servo is activated, will the top plate tilt?

Yes, you are right. The top plate always is parallel with the table even if you move only one servo. The top plate won't tilt.