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This is my first bot. It is built from the LMR Starter Bundle.

I hope to use this as a platform for a more complex bot that will be both autonomous and RF controled.

Right now my goal is to start building a better chasis and figuring out how I am going to run 4 motors from the PicAXE 28x1 on a 28 pin Project Board (AXE020).

Any Suggestions or Comments are more than welcome.

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  SORRY, my info was wrong in my post yesterday.  if you are using servo's to drive your robot the "y" cable can be found here-

  www.junun.org/markIII/store.jsp  they have large selection of stuff you may find of intrest for your bot. again sorry about my other post, I had a long day at work and was tired when I posted yesterday.

Try the Seattle Robotics Club web site . they sell a sumo bot there, but they also sell a special  "Y" cable to run 2 servos off of 1 port

I 2nd phozon's note. You will need another motor driver.

Also consider that the Picaxe 28x1 only has 8 digital outputs, and four are needed to drive each dual h-bridge motor driver. That leaves no outputs for anything else.

That's assuming you want independent control for four motors.

No I just need to be able to make 2 motors turn the same direction at the same time.

While independent motor control would be nice it is not necessary.

add another motor driver

Ok, but how would I connect the motors to the board as it only has A & B slots for motors.

Btw, it is an 28 pin Project Board

You would need an external (off-board) motor driver.

An alternative would be to find a motor controller that includes it's own microprocessor and i2c support. Then you could free up i/o ports on the Picaxe and have dedicated processors driving the motors.

If  you want all four wheels driven, but you don't need indepentent control for each, you could try something like DAGU's Mr. Basic kit. That kit uses two motors, but mechanically links the wheels on each side of the bot (left front and left rear are linked, right front and right rear are linked). Then you only need one dual h-bridge, though you may need one that handles more current than the one in the start here robot kit.

I had considered mechanical linking 4 wheels to 2 motors or using tracks. I would definately need some more powerful motors, but it may be a much simplier solution.

This is my first bot so I'm trying to gather as much knowledge as I can before moving on to the mark 2