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Roundabout Bob

Line dancing, gun slinging, barfighting Hill Billy Bot

Since I'm waiting for a new controller and my old bot somehow did what I wanted I'm starting something new (well, kind off). In the end most of the things I tried had some things I didn't like. Especially not in a smaller place.

So I started with a round base with the weels in the middle. It can turn on the spot like this. Round and few more rounds later I got to this.

It's basically going to have the same setup as earlier, the MRS1, 3 pings for object detection and more. Maybe.

A name was born, Roundabout Bob.

I'm thinking of a smoke generator to go in the lowerback. Triggered by the IR sensor. If something gets really close, poof. Well see if it eventually deserves a painjob.

Still thinking on how I can get the neck to turn fashionably........

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like the sensor mounts

Take the second exit on the roundabout...

You are doing nice work with wood, DB

Thanks, the mounts are the parallax standard ones you can buy off the robot shops. I still have a lot to do it's just a start.

Played arround a little more and came this far, now it's time to ship back the broken parts and build a little more.


The arms are airplane retracts of which one is steerable. They just flap out and in. Now all I need is some kind of canon :)

My new MRS1 arrived so I can also continue with Bob. I'm a bit annoyed with the guys from active robots, I got back the broken ping stand.

I got it on there anyway, drilled out the hole and forcefully threaded the hole. Works fine for the few grams it has to hold. I'm going to be busy! The retracts sticking out of the side will be attached to latches so the middle ring can open up and close. That has 2 reasons you will find out about somewhere soon :)

smoke generator ftw! :D

Launching tubes are mounted (the blue ones). Got the electric detonators also (for modelrockets). Ordered some partyshop smoke bombs, video will folow :)

Are those things legal over there? They'd lock me up if I tried that in the U.S. Definitely a no no here.  I like em though, in a Skynet sort of way.


Smoke is kool though, would like to know if the IR can see through it.

It will navigate primarily by sonar. There are 3 IR sensors (one in the back, that I think now will trigger the smoke (it's a digital sharp, on/off only, no distance measuring) and 2 in the lower front for edge detection or maybe even linefollowing/dancing.

The tubes used to be illegal in the US but I think you're ok now. They are the aloy containers of some fine cuban cigars :) The detonators are these;

You put power on one end and the grey stuff will ignite. Just the hobbyrocket material, I think we have more restriction in the Netherlands on that sort of items then you guys do in the US. (small overcrowded country, very likely you could hit someone with a rocket).

Last part is anything flamable that will cause smoke. Like a small smoke bomb or even a small sized rocket engine (they smoke a lot and are available in many sizes). So all pretty legal I guess.

Then again, I wouldn't take it on a plane to the US. They'll definatly ask questions. And yeah, on an indoor robot it's a pretty useless and even a little dangerous feature but it will look cool on video :) I'll make it scream "stealth mode" and whoosh, I'm sure it's worth a laugh. If you don't like fire arround your bot (which I can imagine very well) , take a look at the smokegenerators they use for modelships. http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/model_electronics.html (not as much smoke and not as volatile as a rocketengine but it will work).

To make your own detonators it only takes one filament of steel wool, a match head and some wires :D