Let's Make Robots!


I've been asigned a project to make a learning site with Intellibrain Bot tutorials. I have to explain only software side of it and I know most of it. But I have never teached anyone anything and I have never been realy teached robotics, all the stuff I learned is from examples and asking people on internet for specific problems.

So my question is in what order should I make it? How to teach people who never used a PC to program robots in Java?

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Simply start where we all (should have) started... Get a led to blink.

--Everything is there:

High/ low

pause/ delay

output pins


how to send a program to a pic

etc. etc. etc.

So Chris, you think i should make a LED blink, before i start building my first robot?

I just ordered the 'start here' package, but perhaps i should spend some time on a LED first. Is it possible to do with just the PICAXE developement board (and a LED ofcourse) or do you need some breadboard stuff (i know nothing about electronics)?


Oh, and sorry for hijacking the thread :)