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Variable temperature Soldering Station $29.95 FREE S/H in CONUS

Vendor's Description: 

This is a well-made soldering station for the professional or serious hobbyist. Both the tip and heating element are replacable.

Price includes free shipping in CONUS. Payment may be made by PayPal to salvage_1@msn.com

New variable temperature soldering station:

* On/Off switch with "power on" indicator light

* Variable heat setting equivalent to 5-40 watts

* Quality lightweight pencil iron

* Cushioned rubber grip

* Replacable heating element

* Ideal for hobbyist, do-it-yourselfers, and students

* Includes coiled iron holder & tip-cleaning sponge


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Hoi Salvage,

I happen to own one of these (230V European version, I suppose). I can recommend it to beginners. My supplier (Conrad) only sells one standard type soldering tip for this iron.

Do you know if alternative tips are available for this iron? I am looking for a tip that’s smaller than the standard one. What do I search for in the search engines?

Per the advice of Rik, I purchased this soldering iron. Pretty good so far and not expensive at all, I think I paid like $18.00 US for a brand new one.


Thanks Rik!

Several companies sell parts for this station:

Marlin P. Jones & Assoc, (www.mpja.com), sells the replacement handle, 15861-TL for $4.95 and 4 different tips, (15862-TL, 15863-TL, 15864-TL, & 15865-TL), for $1.95

Parts Express, (www.partsexpress.com), sells a 4-pack of the same tips, (374-102), for $4.95