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Phozon rangefinder

Navigate around via ultrasound, makes funny moves and sounds when the obstacle is too close


you can see the stupid moves i was talking about. In the first clip but the quality is not good(taken from my phone). Second video shows it navigating around my room


This is my start here robot. It uses SRF05 to navigate and avoid obstacles.

I removed the 'tyres' from the wheels and due to some reason and seen on the video yet to posted it produces a funny sound and moves awkwardly giving jerks while moving backwards when the danger level is too high (when the obstacle is too near to avoid it the robot moves backwards).

the robot and its 'tyres' in the background


the back of the robot showing its connections(thanks to double side foam tape everyting went together)

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Thanks, but hey i like the jerky motion LOL :)

The jerky motion when moving backwards may be due to the balance. You could try shifting the battery pack forward or backward a bit and see if it improves. You could also employ a third contact point with the floor, like a caster, roller, or any round-bottomed object (e.g., a wide pen cap), which will give your bot a more stable stance.

Nice work on your start here bot!