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So this is what me and my friends are up to. We liked to make our airsoft games really intense. This is one of the 3 project we are making in order to enhance are games. CAST stands for Controable Automated Sentry Turret. Right now I got a radio controled cars transmitter and reciever and the Airsoft gun already has it's motor modified so that it can be controlled. I stuck right here because I'm waiting for my parts to arive from solarbotics and I still haven't finished my Programming Board.

It'll have two modes you can choose once you turn the sentry turret on. Control or Automated.

I'll upload picture tommorrow. Not today. :P

One question though. I plan to make another version of this after I make this version. But I do not plan to take apart another valuble RC car. Can the PICAXE send a radio signal like the RC car controllers do?

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I'm sure you have looked at the manual in terms of if the picaxe has a "radio out" function, right? After that, I'm sure that you went over the many, many posts here at LMR pertaining to RC control, RF control, cheap TX and RX units, the "bee" units etc. etc. etc., right?

Pixelator gave me a good part to use with the PICAXE. The one from sparkfun that sends out serial signals.

solarbotics has  poor shipping options. It shipped to me after 23days while it was supposed to ship within a fortnight

Try using Parallax'es trancievers, they're simple and work with practically everything. send a serial signal in one side and get the same thing out the other. Or, if those are too expencive for you, sparkfun sells this reciever and this transmitter, wich would still be much cheaper if you got two of both, though a little harder to set up. Then wire the serial out strait to a serial servo controller, and you dont need a microcontroller for the turret, just in the transmitter, which would house the Picaxe.

Thanks. That's exactlly what I've been looking for!