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Arduino board

Well, frickin hell. I got my arduino in the mail and i was all excited to use it. Well.. I shoulda known it was gonna be hard to program it, but wow.... Anyway, my memory seems to be not working tonight (curse you television!!!) and so I can't seem to remeber how to open a line with the programming language. I am already learning German and Medical Terminology so learning something during the week is like trying to win an eating competition if you have no stomach. Any ideas on something simple i could program with just an arduino board? Or you know, some manual on the internet.

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Thanks for all your comments, I will check out your links and take your notes into consideration.

Come on, it's not harder than any other mcu, indeed i find it easier than crappy picaxe basic where you have overlapping variables and such uglyness :P

Well i suggest starting with the example present on the development tool, just hit "open" and then for example try Example->Analog->AnalogInput

There are many "entry level" examples there. Feel free to ask if you have doubts :)

Hey Chris I found the arduino really easy to program on because there is just so much information and example code out there already, and this is from a person who last programmed in school 10 years ago.

Try these links for some tutorials..



Grab their "class notes" PDFs. Some good info about why the arduino is the way it is and its all easy to read for newcomers.


Also the official arduino playground is a good place for example code and how to get stuff working. Unfortunately it seems to be down a lot these days but try here anyway