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TI LaunchPad

I picked up in this thread that TI has entered the hobbyist microprocesser market populated by Arduino, Picaxe, Basic Stamp, etc.

At $4.30 US including shipping, they have definitely priced this development kit to sell. It looks like an interesting system, and I couldn't beat the price, so I ordered one. I understand demand is quite high, so I don't know when it will arrive.

I figured that this new entry to the market deserved its own forum topic.

TI has established a wiki for their new kit, which you can find here.

Check it out and see what you think.

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Looks like TI is also very good at giving samples, you can get more ICs if needed for free, i have some on the way so i can start making and putting them in projects.

Ordered 27 June, Shipped 15 September, Delivered today 24 September to the UK.

I got 2 of them with the discount code (Thanks patrickmccabe!), came to $4.30 / £4.03


Now... how to use them...?

Just got two in the mail yesterday! Got them from Digi-key since they were the only ones with stock!

Just open up my door and seen a packet laying at my foot.  I opened it and sure enough my two lauchpad :D.  I just e-mail them last week and got it now lol.  I must say the box it comes in is very well pack and looks really nice.  Can't wait to start testing it out now.  Good luck to everyone else. Remember just e-mail them and you will get your soon also :P

I got a shipped email, should be here monday says the tracking.

Lucky you,  I got an email back saying I need to fill out a contact infromation and thats all.

My account says i havent placed a order before, i think i placed the order without creating a account, so with their new system i cant see the status of my order. But they did just charge my account today, maybe that means its shipped?

Are you caught in the same SNAFU I was? If so, email and complain. It worked for me! I got it within a couple of days. Of course, perhaps that was a coincidence and I would have received it anyway.  I doubt it, though.

Got mine today.

God know when I get time to test it :-)

I got mine today, Sept. 21st. The invoice date was Sept 14th and the order date was June 26th and I payed $2.15. I don't have time to experiment with it at the moment, as I have lots of stuff to do. I will probably get to it by Christmas. Oh well...