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TI LaunchPad

I picked up in this thread that TI has entered the hobbyist microprocesser market populated by Arduino, Picaxe, Basic Stamp, etc.

At $4.30 US including shipping, they have definitely priced this development kit to sell. It looks like an interesting system, and I couldn't beat the price, so I ordered one. I understand demand is quite high, so I don't know when it will arrive.

I figured that this new entry to the market deserved its own forum topic.

TI has established a wiki for their new kit, which you can find here.

Check it out and see what you think.

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I get this very helpful response from their online order status.


E-Store Order #XXXXXX 
Ship StatusShipped
Ship MethodFedEx Standard
Tracking Number(s)Not Available
SKU  Description  Qty Requested  Qty Shipped  Qty Backordered

The 'Ship Status' is shipped, but the quantity shipped is 0, with 1 backordered. No tracking number. Very useful.

Can you give me the mail that you send the complaint?

I cant get the ti support mail and I order 2 before I did the account but its almost 2 months and it didn't came yet.

Mine showed up today!  My order was dated June 23.  Ship date August 16.  Probably won't really have a chance to dig in until the weekend.

Mine arrived Aug/18/2010. Ordered it about June 25. The IDE is a big download 390meg zipped.

Last week, after trying to check on the long back-ordered TI Launch Pad via their website, I discovered that they now force you to register on the site to check your order status. However, since my order was placed before registering, my order number was not associated with my account. This is what we call a Catch-22, or Snafu, or totally FUBAR.

So I sent a somewhat angry email to TI support. Lo and behold, they responded late yesterday and have just now shipped it out. I should have it today or tomorrow.

With my very first Arduino already shipped and on its way from China, I am about to seriously expand my experience beyond the Picaxe. Wish me luck.

OMG your lucky - I just checked today and was told that mine is more than 2 months away!

Australia seems to be the back end of the world (and Perth the backend of Oz!)

Original order was 29th June.!  Looks like TI don't want to work with Australians



I ordered mine 24 June and got a shipping confirmation today, so yours are probably right around the corner.

Well - this is interesting,

After being told on the 9th Sept that my Launchpad was two months away - I go it today (on the 28th), including free postage to Australia :)

Maybe someone from TI is actually checking out this thread or it takes a push (such as checking on delivery) to get the system to work.  I have gueasts over for a week so won't be able to play until next week :(


delete this one i double posted it.

as i said on the title im still waiting for the 2 I ordered ,

i made the order on june i dont remember the actual day.

I have sent them an e-mail and they told me that im in position 1800 and that they are going to ship it

in 2 months .(the email was sent  last week)