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TI LaunchPad

I picked up in this thread that TI has entered the hobbyist microprocesser market populated by Arduino, Picaxe, Basic Stamp, etc.

At $4.30 US including shipping, they have definitely priced this development kit to sell. It looks like an interesting system, and I couldn't beat the price, so I ordered one. I understand demand is quite high, so I don't know when it will arrive.

I figured that this new entry to the market deserved its own forum topic.

TI has established a wiki for their new kit, which you can find here.

Check it out and see what you think.

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Is the free shipping for US only? 

I ordered one to Norway and it was free shipping.

Where did you order? 

It must be from a place that accepts paypal aswell, haven't found any.

I ordered it here


I don't think there was an option for PayPal

i wonder why it is this cheap ! it comes with a box , smt components , usb cable included , manual !  unbelievable .

I think they are selling it so cheap to get lots of units into the hands of developers. They want to build a community of users behind their product.

I like how Xmos did it, and considering how much their kit is, I don't see why TI doesn't just do the same thing and set up a project competition with their procs. Free gets something into the hands of a lot of dev folks.  :D

This is almost certainly the case - late last year they launched a similarly flavoured product, the Chronos eZ430 Dev Kit.
It uses one of the 430 microcontrollers, comes with all the gear needed to interface to your PC, has a free set of development programs, and is surprisingly cheap for what you get (if you can get one, they sell out pretty fast whenever a new lot is made =D ).