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distance censor from rapidonline.com

ok eh, this is my first post so hi :)

I´ve been reading this site for couple days now, and im pretty sure ill know how to build my first (simple) robot now, pretty much based on starting tutorials robot. So my question is here:

Have anyone bought that distance censor from here, and do it have cable with it:


This is kind of stupid question but becouse in "start here" tutorial they said i have to be sure that they ship me that cable:

"It has 3 wires (make sure you get the cable for it, or it can be a little hard to hook up"

poor thing, but it don´t read in discription...

also if it dont come with that cable, what parts should i use to make one :S . theres like houndres of parts for cables... is it some kind of IDC cable? Sorry but i dont really know... :/ this could go to stupid questions too, but becouse this is shopping, put it here.

reason why im not buying lmr bundle is that I´m from Finland and would like to have those parts before schools starts again, so i prefer to buy everything from EU (i see EU flag at rapidonline, so i hope their shipping is faster than few months). that other site seems to send everything behind puddle (not correct english?). Worst case scenario have been that I´ve been waiting for a CD from amazon 3 months...

I really appreciate all help, hope to get those parts ordered soon.


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The plug will make it easier. There are 3 small pins on the sensor which you can solder to, but it can be sorta difficult. Bottom line, you don't need the plug if you can solder.

äh darn, well if i dont get that cable ill just solder, cant be too hard, huh :D

thx for reply