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5MB by way of forklift...

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I love these old stories. (no sarcasm) --It's like hearing of the good ol' days before nail guns!

Back in the day when rocks were soft, processors jogged at under 5 MHz and bits traveled at a leisurely 110 baud, I repaired Zenith Data Systems units. They had an 8-bit micro in an all-in-one case that ran CP/M. They also had an external 5 MB Winchester drive unit that was about the size of a countertop microwave (8" platters too!). If you sat in a wheeled office chair, powered one down and twisted it in your grip while the platters still spun (no autopark back then), the gyroscopic action would twist you on the chair.

You should have seen the ones I worked on when I did work experience. 30 years after that photo was taken a local newspaper was still using about 5 HDD the size of washing machines with 40 heads.

The platter assembly (40x 12inch disks) was the size of a large cake and could be removed. There were dozens of these stored on a shelf in plastic cases. I was only 16 then but from memory each "cake" could hold about 200Mb.

Their entire computer system required a special airconditioned "clean room". These days my iphone has more processing power and memory.

My beat down 6 year old samsung has more processing power. :-P