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Backlight on Parallax LCD not working?

Using a Pixaxe 28X1 and a Parallax LCD.

Can not program the backlight on a Parallax LCD to come on.

When I put the LCD to test mode, backlight on OK.

I read the manual for the LCD but did not help.

here is the code:

pause 1000
let pins = %11111111
serout 0,T2400,(1,2,"Hello World")
pause 200
serout 0,T2400,(124,157)           ;turn on backlight
pause 200


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That's what I was saying with the picaxe thing. I can't tell you how many times one little $ or # kept something from working.

  LCD_BKSPC     = $08                                   ' move cursor left
  LCD_RT        = $09                                   ' move cursor right
  LCD_LF        = $0A                                   ' move cursor down 1 line
  LCD_CLS       = $0C                                   ' clear LCD (follow with 5 ms delay)
  LCD_CR        = $0D                                   ' move pos 0 of next line
  LCD_BL_ON     = $11                                   ' backlight on
  LCD_BL_OFF    = $12                                   ' backlight off
  LCD_OFF       = $15                                   ' LCD off
  LCD_ON1       = $16                                   ' LCD on; cursor off, blink off
  LCD_ON2       = $17                                   ' LCD on; cursor off, blink on
  LCD_ON3       = $18                                   ' LCD on; cursor on, blink off
  LCD_ON4       = $19                                   ' LCD on; cursor on, blink on
  LCD_LINE0     = $80                                   ' move to line 1, column 0
  LCD_LINE1     = $94                                   ' move to line 2, column 0
  LCD_LINE2     = $A8                                   ' move to line 3, column 0
  LCD_LINE3     = $BC                                   ' move to line 4, column 0

Give us a link to the data sheet that goes with the LCD. I'm sure it is something simple. Picaxe has a habit of sending serial data in funny ways.

Thanks for the reply Chris....It was something simple! Parallax LCD command for

backlight on is $11. Who knew? Actually found an updated manual with right info.