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need an opinion on my first robot i built

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I have hat kit as well!!

I spent the entire spring designing a quadraped that would be easy to steer and with max four motors. But ended up with the conclusion that making it with six legs with circular motion. With only two motors -and running the front and back leg on one side paralell, while the middle leg on the same side ran 180 degrees out of sync. That would make it stable in any position and easy to controll with simple tank style steering.

I am not ashamed of my pride when I thought "Hahah! I've invinted a whole new kind of legged locomotion. Now I only need to test if it works in the real world as well..

So, I had a shoppinglist for solarbotics and some lexan for the body waiting in the car, and stopped buy the electronics shop to buy some more solder, a grab bag of wires and some leds. And while waiting in line I let my eyes wander. -And saw that kit. #¤%&!!!! -and some $££¤# too!!! Someone had stolen my idea! And had been selling it as a kit for ages!!

So of course I bought it, and got my theory confirmed: It works like a charm... I never bothered to assemble the "brain" of the kit, but I think it was either a light-seeker or light avoider.

Don't throw that kit away. You could probably use it as a base for both the "Start here" and Little8. Thats at least a thought I've played with..

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Yea when i was 9 i wanted my dad and i to build a battle bot and enter it into the battle bots arena but now i know thats not going to happen with the cost of everything. but thanks for the complements and i did feel some pride when i turned it on after i built it. and its not a programable robot it just has the sensor so when it gets near a wall it will back up and go a diff direction but its still cool.

I think it looks great.  I hope you felt that little tingle of pride and accomplishment when you fired it up for the first time.  For your next bot you should try fritz's "My First Robot" tutorial.  Just click on the "Start Here" link at the top of the page.  


To Chris: 

Hey don't knock kits.  Kits are a good introduction to the hobby.  My first bot was a kit.  Granted, it was just a bag with all the parts and a pcb but still a kit.  There are a lot of people out there that are scared of electronics because they think it's too hard and complicated.  Kits like this are a good way to ease people into it.  The only problem I have is when people don't move on past the kit stage and begin folliwing DIY tutorials and eventually developing their own bots.
It looks like you put it together well, and having legs is an interesting change from differential drive robots. Though this one can probably follow a similar program as a diff drive robot base. What kind of sensors are part of it? Is it programmable, or does it simply react to sensor input? I guess the best thing to say is, if it runs, you did great!
Nothin' against kits or anything... But I am really against kits.
Kits are good for starting. Some people like having the extra help when they start something new. I don't have a problem with anyone using kits, but it is best if people branch out and make their own stuff eventually.
A video might help judgement here :)
umm i can get a video but my digital camera is crapy and has no sound but i will try.

cool beans its a kit i guess. looks good, if you stare at the photos for a while. but other than that its great.

vid please!  


Yea i didnt meen to post it 3 time. i got a lil mad when it wouldnt post so i click it 3 times in a row and it posted agian lol  sorry. oh and how do you delete the others.