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PICO self-balancing robot

Self balancing

Hi guys, This is a modified PICO. This is one of my product prototypes. You will find in our online shop in few days.

I use Arduino and 2 ir SHARP distance sensors to give stability to the robot.

Here it is the original article: 


(please click on the flag of your country to get the right traduction, it uses Google translate. If the traduction is not well, it's not my fault, but of Mountainview)

I have implemented PID algorithm (it works well look @ the 3rd video) you can find my little tutorial here:



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English is dumb sometimes. The word in English is translate, not variations of traducere like in the romance languages. :/

Cool robot, though; we don't get many balancing robots here.

A little more info would be nice. How does it balance?

Looks like it measures the distance from the floor with an IR sensor, and uses PID to control how much the wheels go forwards or backwards, it's the simplest/cheapest way to do a balancing 'bot, I've been meaning to make one like this but never quite did it.

English is messy. I am thinking to traduce all the site in english, Google trasnlate is useless as far as babelfish.

Hi fritsl, take a look to the link.

Nice bot, I like it! Did you manage to add driving control code? I want to see it finding the exit from a maze... hehe!

Hi, I am working firstly on the PID algorithm look @ my state now: it is working quite well: 


What do you think about it?


Then It will be incredible to work on obstacle avoidance and a little of maze solving!! Have you any experience here?? I have not.

maze solving is pretty simple, here's a nice PDF about it from pololu: