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Rebounder, a conversion job

Navigates a preprogrammed sequence of timed moves

Rebounder is a quick little platform that had been adapted from a Tyco Super Rebound RC car. The original radio receiver electronics were removed, and an IsoPod driving 2 5A h-bridges were installed. The original battery was used, as were it's contacts and the original power switch. Rebounder in basic form takes a momentary switch sensor as input, to begin the programmed sequence.


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Come on Robologist, less thinking more construction ;-)

(I never thought I'd say "less thinking")

Just a pic of most of my robots, in a new work area. Now if I can find some tools and things, I should be able to build some more.
The 56F80x DSP's are sweet.  Cool board for a project.  I have a bunch of 56F803 EVM's I was thinking of putting on Ebay and a 56F827 I'm trying to find a use for.  Do you use the CodeWarrior tools?
This was using IsoMax, an interpreted state machine programming language based on Forth. The resident Isomax had originally written in Code Worrier (no mispelling) but was in process of being made into Assembly.
G'day robologist, was looking through some of the robots that were made before I knew of this site and came across this great little platform. Assuming it hasn't been assimilated into another robot, have you considered it for Fritz's turtle challenge? It's ability to flip and work upside down gives it potential. It would also be the fastest LMR writter around.
I still have it in much the configuration seen. I'd need to mount the stuff a little tighter if trying some flippy stuff, but that was something I always had in the back of my mind. For a LMR writer though, it would be pretty sloppy.

Take it out to an empty carpark and whack one of those jumbo chalk sticks on the back witha spring or weight to maintain pressure to the ground. Nothing Hi-tech except for the code. Your rebounder could be the fastest graffitti artists around. Don't worry about your robot having sloppy writting, it'd still make a wicked action Video.

Show us your Robo's Mojo!!

Have you thought in a motion planner or another navigation system?

Juan Antonio Breña Moral

I've thought about intertial measurement, as any wheel encoder set-up would be hampered by the amount of slippage in the wheels. A few minor attempts at speed control met with the robot either not moving, or getting over a "thresold" where it would spin the wheels breifly as it was taking off.  All I've really played with were some canned moves, which could be a build upon Chris the Carpenters idea of programmingin a sequence for it to perform. Could wind up just being a cute performance toy, thoiugh I did see one government agency set up a bunch of these in a swarm project of some sort.,
$174? Isn't that a lot?!