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Rebounder, a conversion job

Navigates a preprogrammed sequence of timed moves

Rebounder is a quick little platform that had been adapted from a Tyco Super Rebound RC car. The original radio receiver electronics were removed, and an IsoPod driving 2 5A h-bridges were installed. The original battery was used, as were it's contacts and the original power switch. Rebounder in basic form takes a momentary switch sensor as input, to begin the programmed sequence.


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Now that's a FAST robot :)
It's the Spindance.txt file attached to the description.

Cool thing! A shame you didn't program in the flipping things it could do ;) I'm also working on a rework of this car, which can be found here: http://home.deds.nl/~cmon/firo.htm




I'd really thought about that, trying to get the one side flipping, but wanted to initally jsut see how I could control it. It might be capable still, but I'd have to make sure all electronics and sensors stayed within it's size, to allow it to drive inverted. ANd make sure stuff didn't get disconnected when it spin/flips the side wheels.

For everybody, this video shows what the car is like under RC control :


$174? Isn't that a lot?!

The IsoPod runs $99, has a lot of hardware features that you'd have to combine several other devices to match. It's somewhat overkill for this robot now, but maybe in time I'll use a few more features here. H-bridges are $30 each, a pretty fair price when compared to others. Think the other $15 was for the battery or the car or something. This is about an average robot as far as expense. Think Lego Mindstorms, about $200 for a set. Or the Parallax BOEbot, about $160 I think.

Microcontroller boards I know of can run as cheap as $15, on up to $200+ depending on what's there.This can be a substantial cost, but can save you time and give yourself room to grow, depending on what direction you go. I have robots that cost about $50, on up to one that is pushing $400 (and still not working).

Other peoples hobbies :

bowling league, $3 shoe rental $5 lane/game,  about $13 a weekend night over 2 months = $104 plus "refreshments"

video games, $150 to $400 plus  $20 to $60 per game? Wiiiiii : )

golf,  how much are clubs? $200? plus round of 18 - $20 - $200 (La Costa)

model airplanes or cars, $150 for a radio, $80 - $200 for a car/plane

computers, $200 for a near adequate system to $5000 for something scary that dims the lights when it turns on.

It's kinds a like, pick how far you want to go. You can get by cheap, but it isn't always what works best. 

I'm lovin' the rationale for not doing other projects...!

Could you put a price on soccer? (Break down for both playing AND watching.) I hate soccer, but you might be able to help me rationalise the irritation.

I could try football, but not sure what soccer costs are.

playing football $10-$20,  jersey $15, skinned knee $5, concussion $50, twisted knee $75 plus rehab

watching football $500 big screen $1000 bigger screen $100 one monday nights "refreshments"

-professional tickets $100 minimum, $15 parking, $300 "refreshments", $20 gas spent in traffic jams entering and leaving.

See, anything else is a mug's game.

My other hobby is model railroading.  My standard answer when people ask why I paid $250 for a new locomotive is, "Well its a lot cheaper than a $20,000 fishing boat that I can use maybe 10 times per year."  :) 

Duane S

Wilson, North Carolina  USA