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AGV Board

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For sale is the AGV PCB only with no parts on the board. This AGV PCB is the one i used on my AGV. It is designed for making a AGV using a GPS ( the EM406a) and a I2C compass module. It has a labeled spots for the servo and compass of your vehicle, these spots are wired to digital pins 9 and 10, these are the only 2 servo pins that work with the newsoftserial library which i used in my code. There are 3 spare analog pins and 7 spare digital pins. The board is meant to use a SMT compass connector for the EM406a so you will have to do some tricky soldering.

Included for sale is 1 AGV PCB with free shipping in the continental United States. Send me a message if you are interested in buying one.


NOTE when using this board, make sure to regulate the power to 5.2v or less when using the compass. Also the servo should be powered with the output of the ESC and not through the regulated power supply. 

Program the board with the Arduino FTDI cable and plug it into the board upside down. 


NOT included but parts needed to assemble the board are:

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You say "Also the servo should be powered with the output of the ESC and not through the regulated power supply. "

Not all ESCs have the BEC. Ones for controlling really large motors do not. You can get a BEC separately in that case. Also, if you get a beefy regulator (I have a 5A on a MEGA, for example) you can control servos with regulated power, but you need to put a fuse in the positive feed to the servo if you do. Only overdriving the servo causes a problem. In most cases, I would not recommend that, but when you only have one servo and already have so many devices on system power that a beefier regulator was required, well...

do u hav any left?

No sorry i do not.