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PIC to Ligicator - Serious noob here

Hey all, ive just received quite a few componants tho i dont know what most of them do, i am learning about the datasheets of each peice that i have tho, i just need to know a few things and any support i can get to get this thing rolling...

Processors i have:

uM-FPU coprocessor (V2) // PICAXE-08M microcontroller // PICAXE-18X microcontroller //PICAXE 28X2 microcontroller


my goal is to interface with the program called "logicator" so i can see the code and learn from it and eventually code my own output

i have:

(USB AXE027 interface) 100 (10k Resistors) and 100 (0r resistors), (18 Blue LEDS) (diods bat85) (rectifier diods 1n4001) (transistors bcx38c) 3 pin (resonators 10mhz) and (15 100nF Capcitors) and large amounts of CAT5 Cable


As you can see i have put some images bellow, please inspect them, this is my first ever time making my own hardware, but i will learn quickly as i have wanted to do this for many years now.


ok my problem  is: I am running the PICAXE-08M on the bread board

when i connect the usb connector to my Bread Board and scan on COM4 for its PICAXE Type, the blue LED will show and with a voltage of 2.5Volts, (I do not know what the maximum voltage is for these) which is telling me the chip is receiving and sending, but when the light goes out, i get an error on screen:

Error - Hardware not found on COM4!

Possible causes:

1) Hardware not connected (THO IT IS)

2) Hardware not powerd (I thought because the light was on it is drawing power from the usb its self)

3) Hardware needs a reset (i dont even know how to do this lol)


Please help me with this! :P i really want to get into creating all types of hardware, and when possible PC controlled VU meters! :D

Any type of feed back would ne nice and i would be very greatfull, My life of building electronics starts here, with you fine people!.

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i do not see a battery so how is it powered? the usb provides no power for the picaxe. You will need to power it with a battery. The light comes on being you are seeing the serial signal but that is not power that is communication.

Sorry for thre long reply, since starting off with picaxe chips i've med onto arduino (avr) and mbed programming, I've learned quite allot about programming and from this point on my main project is a GTPA013 GPS module interfaced with the arduino mega R3 I've also interfaced the 2.2 Adafruit TFT display ILI9340C with a SPI to the same arduino, i've made the project portable and it now fits ontop of the arduino its self with a modified arduino mega shield.


I might uplod some pics later altough don't count on it! LOL

i have 4 batterys which add up to 5.0 on voltage meter check picture bellow! for battery location / componants which came with order.


as you can see the voltage + and - are at the top right hand corner of the board

There is allmost the entire list of componants.

Ah ok so you are powering it. Its hard to tell but did you connect your grounds?

I'm not so sure, i looked at the datasheet and it had no grnd pin for that chip? can you direct me pelase?

Allso is a ground just a peice of metal attached to the grnd pin? if there is one on this chip?

Finally, in 10 hours i've learned allot about how to create my own technology just by reading random things off the web for a few years XD,

well i started yesterday, and i have seriouslly leveld up! 200000 EXP yer?? XD

Now i am able to reset the chip with the correct knowledge and allso clear memory and use logicator to prigram LED's i think its time for a bigger breadboard!.

I would just like to say: Thanks to everyone who helped, especialy patrickmccabe! you rock :D


The datasheet for the picaxe-08m is on here Page 25


this is the diagram i followed and is what you see in the pictures above.

Remapped the board based on the diagram lights blink this time instead of staying on, but the input light does not blink at all.


where is the ground?

Is it an empty slot on the breadboard which does not give/take nore push/pull power?

Ground = Gnd = 0V = V- = negative = Vss

All terms meaning the low or negative power supply.