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Here is my second robot based on Picaxe 28X1 board (Start Here format), designed on a chassis that was actually an air duct from the cooling system of an old desktop computer's microprocessor.



The Base

I was thinking about making the base from plastic, but instead, balsa wood was the best option because it's very cheap and super easy to work with. Glue and paint make the material stronger. After shaping and sanding to give it a smooth surface finish, I painted it with spray paint. The back is also a piece of balsa wood attached with miniature screws to the housing's tabs, which look like they were made specially for this robot.



Pieces and more parts

In addition to two GM9 motors, two solarbotics wheels and the SRF05 sensor, I used the excellent 1/2" Pololu ball caster that gave it the finishing touches and enough stability.



What was recycled

Air duct with a fan housing attached that is part of the CPU cooling system

Delving into the old computer, I also found very flexible wire with connectors ready for use, LEDs, switches, standoff, screws, etc. What a great selection of parts!



Some more details

To hold the SRF05 in place, I used a couple of o-rings in the front and...


...double-sided tape at the back. To straighten the SRF05 I used several layers of this tape on the bottom and just one layer on top. Also you can see the nose that is a three color LED.   


After uploading its' program.


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I like it! Not sure about the balsa, very fragile material but i guess it's ok if you use it on small bots.

i wanted to see it in action :(

As you can see, it's a work in progress. I give a short explaination on the video because it is "a work in progress" and I think that is enough until I finish my project. As soon as I finish, I'll put everything up. I don't think that is any reason to withdraw my project page. Actualy, the video is a slide show of "snapshots" of the construction process. Here's the link to the rules: http://letsmakerobots.com/lmr/rules. Let's encourage each other and don't be the robot police. Let's Make Robots!

This discussion has been done before and it never solves anything. To prevent turning away people from posting their robot, people who maybe don`t have a great grasp of english, the rules have relaxed slowly over time. I think eventually we will turn into an image dump with anonymous commenting ;)

Anyway, hope to see more of your robots.

For some reason I cannot see this project, Only the Title "My new robot" and this photo

I have tried resetting my browser cache.

Presumably your new robot is not a pile of old computers judging by the comments.

As cool as the robot is, this robot page is terrible. It`s nothing but a youtube video, which would explain why you can`t see anything :)

I was Originally going to tell Kikez to read the rules about posting a robot. Now I am definitely telling him to read the rules.

A link to a video is not a robot project. There should be photos showing contruction and some sort of write up explaining the project. If all you have is a link to a youtube video then there is no proof you even made this robot. Post it as a video link.

Please post this robot project according to the rules or remove it.

Thanks for your comments guys. Soon I will be posting a video. My budget for robots is limited, so I try to reuse parts that I found in e-waste disposal areas. Computers have many parts such as LED's with wires and terminals soldiers ready to use. Also small 8-ohm speakers, switches, stand off, small screws, and other goodies. I feel like a vulture plundering parts from inside of a computer case. Where I work there is an e-waste where you can take parts you want or bring equipment you don’t want. Flokos, like rubimendez says; I extracted them from old Dell desktop computers. It is an air shroud or air duct with a fan housing attached that is part of the CPU cooling system.  

There's a lot of personality to your 'bot!

Very nice! I too would like to see a video of this goober in action, especially if you finish building its posse!

I love it. One of the best start here fashion robots i have seen. A small swarm like amando mention would be very cool. Keep up the great quality.