Let's Make Robots!

Simple but satisfying begginers robot.

Goes to places and plays tunes. Makes me happy and proud.

my first robot, thanks to frits start here and his help I have built a robot. It is simple, it has a speaker, and two motors, thats all. 

Im thinking about putting some leds and a lcd screen on it. 

Positive comments gladly accepted and suggestions.

If you give me a product to look for give me a link please so I know what it is.

Thanks LMR!

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nice start here robot. good job.

buy the line follower kit and IR remote kit from picaxe

and buy around 6 cheap servo's to make  a hexpod

well i must say good start

now u can also try making wireless robot

using a transmitter-reciever pair (RF module)

it is eaisly available at radioshack  shops. u just have to connect it and den 4get wires

nick, for rf modules u will need 2 picaxe. if u get a ir remote kit it is cheaper and easier to buy an IR remote kit to control your robot

ok, thanks guys I appreciate it. does anyone know if I can get frits's "yellow chip" on robot shop.com

thanks to everyones help I won blue at my county fair thanks.

could you help a RedLeg on up on connecting a speaker. ive tried 3 million ways, not getting anywere

sorry im slow on replying. what system do you have?


hey, about that yellow....it's actually pretty dumb if u only want to buy that fmr robotshop bcoz u have to pay fr shipping...so instead , you can get 8 330 ohm resistors and put in the "yellow chip" slot

ok thanks