Let's Make Robots!

mini robotic arm

moving a little bolt from one side to the other side

After having some ice cream I got the idea for this robotic arm.



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The mini robot works with the following servo type :



dimension: 19.7 x 8.2 x 24 mm

weight: 4,4 g

torque: 5 Ncm

settling time for 60 degrees: 90ms

coming from a local dealer for electronic parts in Germany

Cool ,i like its speed .

Where did you get those servos im interested in buying some.

I love how small and simple it is :)

Good implementation of that controlling mechanism (I forget the name).

maybe the proportional integral and differencial? PID control :P  yeah nice little one

Is that first video shown at real speed? That little guy is pretty damn fast!
Nice use of a simple gripper design.

No doubt others will want to know too - where did you get your servos from?

I am one of those others who would really like to know where you got your servos from.