Let's Make Robots!

CanBot V2

Navigate around, make music, lift small objects, work as a flashlight.

This is Version 2 of CanBot. I have added weight lifting (smallthings), and some more music types to play. This is my 3rd Robot.



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Nice project man! I always wanted a mindtorms set but my parrents would never get me one waaa. Anyway technically if you make alot of bots with the minstorms the price for making each bot is free it's like if I have a spare motor lying around and I decide to use it I don't include the price of the motor since I didn't buy it specifically for this project.

It is a nice robot. I would still calculate the total cost on the entire set up needed to buy assuming the person only has basic tools (soldering iron, wire, etc). Since I don't own the lego set I would need to buy it all. Otherwise if you live in a radioshack every bot would be free (yes I see holes in my logic) so the $$$ amount would be a useless field on the website.

Either way this isn't the space for that arguement. Good robot. I would love to see it in action and see if you could add a counterweight so it could life heavier items. See if you can get it to detect a certain item and lift it out of the way. It could clear a path for other robots to get through!

 Please make your own robot!!! 98% of this robot is Coprighted to LEGO. You have only put on some claws.
Use RobotC so you can program the robot yourself.
Sorry for my negative comments to you but this is basic.


/Emil Hemdal (SWE)

I like that you took a standard design and added things to it. That is one of the many ways to create stuff. Robots included. Using Lego obviously enabled you to create twice the amount of "Robots" I built.

And in half the time most of us need to build just one from scratch!

Hey this is only my 3rd robot. Don't expect it to be that unique, of course its based on the standard model !


(sorry, this was supposed to be a reply to EmilHem)

 // Can