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arduino and picaxe

hi i know it is possible to link a picaxe and arduino through i2c but was woundering and a picaxe remote sent signals to arduino robot for example control the motors and a pan and tilt mechanisum

mmany thanks rhys

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or i thought maby these

They are super cheap because they are AM which is prone to a lot of interference like power lines, microwave ovens, or just a good old fashion electric spark. lots of things throw static on AM radios.

thanks man they look good i had only seen series 2 which looked a bit expensive but series 1 is afordable

but i still whant to know if it is possible to do it with ir leds

no notable reason why it wouldn't work. if you can send a signal the other should be able to read it if it's within it's programable params....in the end they are just 1's and 0s...

Try these. What goes in one comes out the other. They have progrogramable ID's and channels