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follow lines

For my second project, i decided to upgrade a bit on my first robot. The only extra part is a line follower kit (AXE 121) which i had already acquired from Tech supplies UK. As you can see, i removed the SRF 05 from the board and replaced it with a neat line follower package from Picaxe.


Do not solder in a hurry, i tried to solder the AXE 121 PCB in a hurry. I soldered a resistor array in a wrong way, and then subsequently fried my board.


i will get a new board and start this anew.


this is the line follower bot showing its PPCB

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take ur time guys. dont get overexcited and fry something worth 10 euros.LOL

How much it cost to ship Picaxe to India.

umm...my package costed around 17 pounds...i would suggest getting a start here robot kit from solarbotics

I want to buy Atmel and i got it India "www.rhydolabz.com". It will cost about Rs500.