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Mystery Summer Object 2010 (now revealed)

Summer Mystery Object time is here :-

What on earth does this "Something Else" device do ?........... what sane or  more fitting .... insane guesses do you have.

(at long last  my Avatar picture becomes clearer, dont let that distract you though, if you look carefully there are extra clues in the pictures)

Update1 :- Speed/Direction & Duty Cycle Potentiometers added

Update2 :- Binary Coded Switch installed - to help with the patterns - and two Hacked Nokia Lipos for "On the Road" use.

                    Spray Painted the Outershell Silver and the inner Soft IR_Purple......

 Clues :- An Adweeny is driving it.

OddBot from Dagu threw me a packet of these and asked what i could come up with.......

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I'm guessing it involve tracking a robots movement. Your clues mentioned speed, direction and duty cycle pots. Perhaps the dutycyle is to adjust the brightness of the IR LEDs. You mentioned tracking range in the picaxxo project and how it would be improved with brighter IR LEDs.

The foam dome has me puzzled as it would make a great reflector for the IR LEDs but you have the LEDs on the outside.

I know you favor pots for adjusting programming values on the fly. I am guessing the foam dome will be stationary.

The reference to Picaxxo is a sound guess.

That would also be a cool idea - "Directional IR_Tx-er" (satellite dish style), i agree the parabola could focus out a stronger beam (this is something that has to be checked) - or even pointing extra PhotoDiodes into the parabola as a directional IR_receiver.

Not so much "On the Fly"  pots but ..... "On the Road" the device would be more fitting at a karaoke bar. (the BCD Switch helps too)

Here is my crazy guess for such a crazy mystery object. It`s a floating whirla-ma-jig infrared enabled sea snake hypnotizer and coercion device with midi interface.

Wow ezekiel you have a knack of suss_ing out my mysteries.....

..... Your guess about the snake is completely up the Garden Path and over the Hill and back again..........(but it gives me a good idea for a name now)

...... However Infra red is correct and so is your reference to the "Midi interface"...........

By alternating the UV levels from 8 different directions onto a 3D surace (a face) you create different figures in your facial tan? Like the Swiss flag in preparation for a match of the national team against a weak opponent. Requires clever CAD CAM software to convert design to 3D scan of your face...

Not to confuse matters :-

I have installed a BCD switch for ease of Use

Yes firstly thanks for picking up the fact that Switzerland was the only Team to win against Spain............

Your guess would be another application possibility - had i not  run out of  Ultra-Violent Leds, instead i used Infra Dead ones instead.

There are additional clues in the pictures......... Quite topical i would even say.......... (vuvuzela)


My first guess is a 'Gareth tracking device', so you can log your movements  -  Don't give the data to your wife :)


Conversly it could be a 'Gareth directing Device', the LED's lighting up to show which way to travel, maybe flash rate to indicate rough distance to go.  On second thoughts this is the one to keep away from the wife!