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Mystery Summer Object 2010 (now revealed)

Summer Mystery Object time is here :-

What on earth does this "Something Else" device do ?........... what sane or  more fitting .... insane guesses do you have.

(at long last  my Avatar picture becomes clearer, dont let that distract you though, if you look carefully there are extra clues in the pictures)

Update1 :- Speed/Direction & Duty Cycle Potentiometers added

Update2 :- Binary Coded Switch installed - to help with the patterns - and two Hacked Nokia Lipos for "On the Road" use.

                    Spray Painted the Outershell Silver and the inner Soft IR_Purple......

 Clues :- An Adweeny is driving it.

OddBot from Dagu threw me a packet of these and asked what i could come up with.......

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This is one cool idea, and it would be a budget idea for local "Loonie bin"

.....thanks for your guess - lateral thinking always give extra secondary applications.....

haha, that was my only guess...


Does going on someone's head have anything to do with it's purpose?

Not to confuse matters - the original idea was to wear it as a protective helmet ... (thats another project being worked on)

..So as seen above .... is the correct orientation . ie pointing "up"

The three Potentiometers are now working to add extra bonus controls.......