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Another AGV


This is the remodled power house

This is an AGV or Autonoumous Ground Vehicle. I bought the RC car before even seeing that patrickmccabe was way ahead of me on designing and implementing an autonomous arduino controled vehicle :D. Anyway, so far I have removed the stock motor and fit in a Johnson 250 motor. All I had to do was grind off an annoying piece of plastic to fit in the new and some what longer motor. I am not sure what to do with the steering as it is a very rudementary control, it is either all the way left or all the way right and when it is not turning it centers for going straight. I think that I will leave it as is for simplicity's sake. More info is forth coming as I build this thing.





-UPDTATE- I noticed that the motor was skipping

so I hot glued it into the motor housing. It's going

slowly as I have been really busy recently but it

should speed up this week.



-UPDATE- (finally :P)

I finally got around to attatching leads to the steering motor and was able to hook it up to a SN754410NE motor driver. Wipped up some simple left/ right turning code and tried it all out. I am happy to say that It works beautifully. I ended up using the two cell lipo to power the motor itself as the arduino couldn't supply what I needed. More to come soon.




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Hi,   I have a few of them too and still don't know what to do with steering,I was thinking of replacing the little motor with a servo but still have to fit it inside. Beside that I wish I could vary the speed because it's too fast and hard to fit and program a distance sensor. I'm still reading comments and new post.

If you want to vary the speed of your motor an ESC is what you want. I takes commands like a servo and outputs a pwm pulse to the motor to vary its speed. Its what that little black thing is that is attached to my motor wires in the main photo :D Any way thats, in my opinion, the easiest way to control a motor.  They don't cost much ,only a few bucks as they became "old technology" when the brushless motor came into circulation.

Great my friend,I will look forward to get some ESCs. I can imagine that I have to use the same servo commands for my picaxe 28x1. Good to know thanks and keep it up.  :D

Assuming that you have a regular motor with two wires, make sure that it is a brushed esc. The brushless escs cost much more and have three motor wires. Have fun, I know that i am having a great time building this.

wait, then cant we control brushless ESC's with servo commands in picaxe 

You can control brushless escs with a servo command but a brushless esc won't work with a brushed motor. Thats all I'm saying. Have a wonderful day :D

Ah ok good to know, mine has 2 wires,so I imagine that it's a brushless,than esc should work with servo commands if I got it right.

Thanks for your time my friend and have a good day too :D

2 wires = brushed.