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hello all,i am new to bots making.this one is the first.
part list:
2*28RPM gear motor,
2*bike spoke as leg,
a piece of sheet iron as body to fix the motors,circuits,
4*74hc240 as M/S bicore,
1*74hc240 as reverse logic,
some standard parts,
1*cell phone battery.
thanks the information of http://www.beam-online.com/

I have not a lot free time,it take me half month,making & debugging.there are some hard case during making.
difficult list:
gear connection with the leg.I use 45A switch's terminal to do the job,it it no perfect.
body balance.there are 3mm tolerance between two motors,they were not in a line.the front left leg is not perfect moving.
bicore debugging.I take lots of time to adjust the R/C value of the master/slave bicore to find a perfect cycle.

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Yeap man, this is a nice beam bot...  Once that I have time I will build up one of these bots....

Hi digi01, welcome to LMR. Nice BEAM bot you've built there.

A few years ago I made some BEAM-type bots, but after I while I began to just focus on microcontroller bots. Recently I've started working on using microcontrollers to implement some BEAM designs... the combination has some interesting possibilities =)

the microcontrollers is hard to smart control motors in some case.the nervous network do same job easy.

Welcome on LMR. Much to less Chinese here. Oddbot and I represented China here a while, but we are laowei. You seems to be the first Chinese robot poster. Or are there others?


I don't know...but I find here and see the first page is Oddbot's LM324 based light bot.

Ni hao Digi01,

Nice construction and video. You seems to be number 3 who is posting videos at youku. Are you Chinese?


thanks for the nice words.yes I was born in beijing.