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VStack, ultimate data input system

Sends GPS coordinates, buttons, LED's, LCD, buttons, LED's, and more buttons.

Robots with GPS waypoints can develop a list of waypoints, and with more complex robotic systems this can be tricky to manage. VStack (vertical stack, I don't know why I chose this name) is a GPS coordinate manager, capable of displaying and scrolling through GPS waypoints, deleting, adding, modifying and route planning (eventually). Featuring more buttons than I can think of uses for, LED's, more buttons, a keypad, an LCD display (currently a 16x2, upgradeable up to a 20x4) and a analog joystick. The VStack will communicate via RS232 to the robot controller. Other modes may include, remote control, and some other stuff.

VStack is powered by an 18F4620 and a 18F2525. To give VStack more functionality, I added the 18F2525 to convert the Numpad (12 buttons, no multiplexing, ouch) into a simple parallel binary output (5 pin). To sum it up, there's a ton of inputs for this thing. A lot. Like 20 buttons. I could have this thing doing push ups practically it has so many I/O.

For GPS waypoints, I have up to 2048 bytes of EEPROM, and 112KB of flash memory, so there are a lot of waypoints possible. I may mount this in a 30 cal ammo can for added awesomeness and robustness.

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Sounds useful, any idea how many GPS points you can store?
Also what PIC is it based on?

Updated the original post. Schematic available upon request.