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I dissasembled my broken TV and got alot of random stuff. Is there anything useful there? I found a diode and a IR reciever and alot of buttons and caps and resistors, and alot of stuff i cant identify yet, i will post pictures of it when i dissasemble it... What special parts should i look for? =D


Does anyone else break stuff to get parts from it?

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Not sure what get out of a tv ... the caps could be useful and the resistors as well if you dint have new ones on hand, but since they dont have any moving parts no motors or gears. 

Everybody scavenges parts form old printers, computers toy cars .......  !!! Its a great source of cheap parts. 

What sort of TV?
CRT TVs have some high voltage caps (don't touch until they've been discharged!), and a big HV transformer, sometimes they'll have some big transistors and heatsinks that are accessible too. If you pull the cathode tube out you can also get quite a bit of enamelled magnet wire which can be handy.
LCD TVs usually have a charge pump to power the backlight, but often you can't get much out of them because they're so heavily integrated.

If it's a CRT, you can find big transistors, multipurpose chips that can be re-used (amplifiers and such), thermistors and fuses in the power supply, wire, rectifiers, ferrite beads, coils and a lot of other things... watch out for the big red wire coming out of the flyback transformer and the big capacitors. If you haven't discharged those, they can store enough energy to throw you across the room. Don't die.

And yes, I salvage parts all the time. A lot of times I've even come across stuff not available at the local shop.

CRT TVs seem a bit risky to take apart and don't yield nearly as much as say a printer or my favorite, pc motherboards. They have a ton of parts that can be pulled and if you have the case, you'll have quite a few LEDs with wires already connected.I filled up one of my parts drawers with caps, resistors, coils, and various transistors from a bad, though relatively new MB. Every time I drop off junk at the local recycle bin I see a ton of comps I'd just love to get the parts from....its sad really.

Yeah we have some large containers filled with old computers, I should take some home hehe

And yeah I try not to go anywhere near CRT TVs, I'm very cautious, I know almost for certain I wouldn't do anything stupid, but stuff happens.


Printers are fun, you get some motors, motor drivers, SMD solder practise too! 

Cell phones have loads of tiny smd LEDs, little motors for beam bots, some even have usable LCDs.

Thanks for the answers guys... I got a CRT tv and I didn't discharge the caps myself but they probably got empty becouse tv wasnt working for some time, i saw your comments after i took the caps out so i was lucky not to get killed... I will try to be more careful next time... I didnt touch the tube that things behind it, i just cut the wires going out of it and took the board.

I got a lot of caps and resistors and some coils and some stuff i dont know what it is and alot of stuff i cant take out becouse it's hard to desolder it with my crapy soldering iron... And on the front pannel there is alot of buttons that might get useful sometimes.

And i found some chips that can be taken out becouse they are on the stands and not directly soldered, marked with 790. What are they? =D

Just "790" by itself isn't enough to ID the chips... if you can't find the full part code, then you'll need to at least use the case type and pin config to narrow down the search.

Don't overlook VCR's....the older the better. You will get motors, gears, IR LED's and phototransistors, humidity sensors, motor driver chips, and all manner of components. I built an entire arm & gripper with just the parts I got out of VCR's and some aluminum bar stock.