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Ultra thin cable

Can anyone tell me where to get some ultrathin 3 wire cable with a diameter about 2mm or less?

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i have a loong spool of 1 wire, but extremely thin. You can have it, no prob, PM me if interested.

I’m currently working on a new project for UiO and a revival of Whirligig, -as SEA RENDERING took its job. The wire was for that job but we are in a process of rethinking the whole concept.
Thanks anyway

Perhaps 2 channel audio shielded wire, like that you find on earphones can work. Something like this:


Thank you for the link. That could probably be it.

i have use a kind of coat magnet wire(0.08mm DIM) for signal level communication,it is perfect.the wire is for mother board fix.another thinking is wire wrap wire.

That is probably single core and I need 3 wires that are stranded. The reason for this is that this cable will hold a sensor that can be lowered down to different depths in a lake and reeled back up again.

so i guess you are making RC or auto-reeled senser?things is goign to challenges,good luck.

I think of servo wire as coming in 4 versions, heavy-duty, standard, thin and super-micro-servo-thin... The stuff here is the thin stuff but not the super-micro-stuff. 26 guage maybe? I dunno, at 13 bucks it is worth a shot.


That might just do the trick, but I was hoping for a round cable at AWG 26 or less.
Tanks for the link Chris, you always find the best stuff.

How about some ribbon cable from a discarded hard drive? Pull it apart and get however many conductors you need.