Let's Make Robots!

Not exactly... a robot.

Gives other players, soldiers, a new perspective.
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(Dont forget to view the attachment photos)

Ever since I saw this system on the military channel I thought it would be cool to make a miniture version for airsoft. My system is crude I know, but hey duck tape works for now. 

This enables you to peer around corners without getting shot, viewing what other soldiers/players are viewing.( a camera is mounted on your teamates gun.) 

I plan to next clean it up a little and make it more secure. 

So far so good! :)  Please leave feedback.

Thanks LMR!

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so is it lige a weapen os a toy

it looks coool

well if I understand you right i made it as a "toy" seeing as im playing airsoft (plastic bbs). but it could be used easily for real weapons.

I pulled this from one of those wildplanet toys...I think it's what you are trying to do.


I have two of these headset/camera setups now...

EDIT ah right, I see we've already been through this discussion....ignore this post....Linkbacks help btw...

where did you bought this lcd at front of the helmet?