Let's Make Robots!

LMR meetup in Denmark?

Hi guys,

As I was asked to show some robot-stuff on a local museeum, they also invited us to make an LMR meetup at their place.

I am not sure about anything, especially if we could pull enough people for it to be worth the efford. I would say that we should be at least 25 for it to be a success, and that is a lot of people to pull that far. But I may be wrong.

They offer food and a cool place to be (It is museum for electronics) in a weekend, sometime in a weekend between week 39-42.

Please let me know if you think this is something you would attend, All traveling will be on your own expence, sorry.

All ideas welcome, and please keep this in English ;) Thanks.

More details here:






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i keep getting the question weather this one is on or not.

IMHO we should be at least 25+ people willing to go. Realistic that will be like perhaps 15 people showing up.

I think this is the minimum for it to be a success. let me know if you guys think we could do something to attract more people.

As I feared from the beginning, it will be hard to attract enough people to come, "just to have a beer" - even though the museum is nice and all.

And I just wont have the time to arrange anything bigger than that.

My suggestion is to find some larger things going on, and agree to go to that together. Spain was really cool fun for the like 10 LMR members that went. But mostly because there where a million other geeks there, so we could participate in the party, when we where not the party ourselves, if you know what I mean :)

I used to be in the TYPO3 community, where we met to go snowboarding. Though I never snowboarded, that was good fun, and atracted a lot of people. Again, then there is something more than just "meeting", not that I say that the museum is not great, but ou can only spend that much time on it. Snowboarding naturally involves more action, things to do together..

If any on out there is the man (men) to arrange something, I will be happy to assist, we can spam all members with invitations and all!

Or if you would like to have the meetup in Holland let me know. I think I can manage to arrange (air)beds for 5 to 10 people.

You can fly to dusseldorf and I will pick you up. 30 euro or something like that.

Well I thought this was a dead topic, cause we could not gather enough people.

Frits? Is this a DEAD topic or what?

I would come but not sure if I can make it... I start the university in october btw.... eventualy I put some money this year and next year I'll be there... :D

Hey, anybody alive here???? :D Anyone is still planning to come? Well, I do :D  I think, even if we have 4-5 guys able and willing to come, we could just have a nice weekend somewhere, even if it is somebody's garage :) It still will count as LMR meetup :D And I need a vacation anyway + I always wanted to visit Denmark :) So, I (most probably, hopefully, knock on wood) would be up for it anyway :D Anyone else??

Sure, maybe Fritsl can arrange a garage somewhere? A good piss-up without robots sounds fine to me to :)

Not sure how to get to Bjerringbro though. Is there a train from København/Copenhagen that goes directly?