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* --------------------- June 17, 2011 ---------------------------- *

ICU has been sleeping for a while but was awaken suddenly because I was invited to an exhibition at Flausina, a new born association in Lisbon.

ICU v1.01

Complexity is always a welcome thing around here and the bot was presented with two more servo motors and all the software has been re-written. And because I needed to simulate its movements I coded an application in Processing in a way that I could test all the non-dangerous angles. Inverse kinematics is way to advanced for my taste and I think I can call this a “forward kinematics simulator”. This simulator gives also the possibility to generate individual sine waves for each motor, minimum and maximum range of motion, an interpolator for smoothness and frequency for speed.

ICU v1.01

Unfortunately I don’t have any decent video of photos of the Flausina exhibition, you can see on the 3rd video recorded in the office with the processing application.

TODO list:

- capability to save presets
- timeline with keyframes, play and stop buttons
- upgrade this servos to more powerful and digital servos
- upgrade all the structure to enhance weight distribution
- create a mask in silicon/rubber and give this bot a crazy new look

Source code can be downloaded here.

All for now.. Roger, over and out.

ICU v1.01

Photo at Flausina.


* --------------------- July 21, 2010 ---------------------------- *

ICU is a sub-project of the SWARS (see what a robot sees) project.

This time I not just wanted to see what a robot sees, but I also wanted to give the robot the ability to understand that there is a person in the room, and stare at the person.

To detect faces I used the OPENCV library for Processing, wich turns out to be very fun to work with and is very sensitive to human faces.. and sometimes it detect faces where there aren’t any.. maybe it is a ghost face detector algorythm!!

I didn’t have time to work with the four motors, I am only working with the two servo motors on the top. Next step will be to apply inverse kinematics and have a better level of interactivity.

Unfortunately I had to pick the computer that was being used in this installation, I will need it in the next weeks, but this bot will be available to the public very soon I promise!!

This is the code I am using if someone wants to look at it, you will need to have the MegaServo library installed for the Arduino sketch, and the OPENCV lib for the Processing sketch.


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This was a Digital Arts and Performance Exhibition the took place in a small town on the portuguese country side Alentejo called Montemor-o-Novo, and I participated with my other bot "zezinho" and the projection was an installation of a another artist that created a physical interface for video performances.

This library JavaCV looks awesome, added to the bookmarks! Maybe it has too much for what I need (at least for now). I am thinking in adding a smile detector to add more complexity and a more emotional factor to the behaviors, something like this: http://www.vimeo.com/22730834

You connect both the webcam and the 'duino to the computer? So it needs 2 USB ports?

yes 2 usb ports

Is the ps cam  conncted to the arduino ?

and if it is connected to the arduino how you do it,i thought arduino couldn't handle a cam.


the cam is connected to the computer, I wouldn't connect a cam to the arduino, it doesn't have CPU power to compute image processing.

This is an cool interactive system guibot  - the speed of detection is pretty impressive i must say - (i have to try this out).

Your idea really lends its self into the interactive realm - ie robots drawing attention (showing interest by Eye to Eye contact), you have occasioned me to put my thinking cap on and see what else would be possible.

The interactive part, human machine relations, exploration of human emotions excites me a lot .. I love to see people waving to robots, smiling, and having emotions based on the robots actions...   I think that robots triggers good fellings in people, and communities like LMR are a proof of that.

I'm happy to know that this triggered you to think in new possibilities, and looking forward to see new cool stuff from you  ;)

Caclulon likes very much. He wants to copy this for his arduino project.

be my guest  ;)