Let's Make Robots!

My entry for the Deadreconing

This is my entry for the deadreconing chalenge.

i posted it here because i didnt want to post it as a 

robot projeckt, because its made out of NXT (lego)


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 they are continus servos, that you can time (seconds), mesure with: rotations, or degrees



More specifically I would say that they're geared DC motors with quadrature encoders.

Hi, again, jip. Long time, no shout.

If the bot is using the "degrees" or "rotation count" method, then I shall call for a disqualification on the grounds that this requires feedback and is therefore not dead reckoning.


Now, if it can be demonstrated that there's "reckoning" involved rather than scientific measurement...

If that is the case it would fall into the second class. Untill the code suported Class 1.

 ok, oki admit defeat.

You were right, and i was wrong.

Nice new avatar by the way BOA


PS: do you think ill win the challenge?




I don't know how the NXT motors work. Can you switch them on for a known distance or can they only be turned on for a known amount of time (like the RCX motors)?
They use degrees, seconds or rotations. So, if you know the circumference of the wheel, you can do a set distance.

 YEs, you could call It a robot, but it just sort takes the ...... you know......

Electronics!!! out of the whole "build a robot"  thing.

I mean, you build it and all, but you dont have to solder or really "construct" it.

Its out of Legos, for Petes sake!!!

PLus proggraming is a "drag and drop" proggram,

and the microcontroler is alredy there, i could go on and on...




I depends where we draw the line. There's a limit to what folk can do and choose to do themselves. Some people make their own PCBs. Some people can't solder. I'm sure somewhere out there in robot land someone has the capability to make his own silicon integrated circuits. Some people are big into electronics but couldn't drill a hole.

If your robot was a virtual machine completely in software, it's still a robot...