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Delta Robot with Arduino & Wii

An enhancement of another delta robot published on this site: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/10577. See my blog for more details, but the enhancements are:

- proper XYZ axis positioning: the Arduino calculates the full inverse kinematics of the Delta

- control using Wii. Pitch is Z axis, joystick is XY

- all source available at pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Kfq2WR5U

I used components from Conrad listed in the comments to the other post http://letsmakerobots.com/node/10577. The arms are milled in a CNC router, and the base is lasered at a Fablab, all 4mm MDF. Sadly I lost the design somewhere.

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As is said here



I have no words to express my impression ,please if you can make a walktrought in order to other members make something simmilar to this (including me).

Great work.

I think the design is pretty straightforward. You need some stuff: 3 servos, 6 bars, 12 ball joints and some wood for the arms. See the other post for part numbers for the Conrad store. Wire the servos to pin 10,11,12 and the nunchuck to SDA (green) and SCL (yellow). Upload the program, it should work. Just start and I'm pretty sure you'll work it out!

ball joints are too expensive 2,95 euro the two pcs .!!!

can i find those anywhere else cheaper ?

e-bay for example.???

Conrad is quite expensive indeed. I remember paying 1.95 per 2, maybe I'm wrong... You can try scaling up and making the joints by hand? You'll need to make a joint for 2 axis, which is a little hard though.

how im going to do such a thing?

Try these ball joints at conrad: screw = 3 mm, ball = 2mm, 5 pieces for 4 euro: product code = 223425 - 89

Very good!

most I've seen a very noisy, and the servos shake a lot, good job, going to make a pick and place thing, or did it just for doing it?

I did it just for doing. Maybe I'm going to scale up and put a router on it, as a delta-cnc robot...

So.. next thing; Make a game out of it! :D

(I know I would, cool work!)

Could you please post the pinout or schematic for the entire project???

P.S. Great Post!! More documentation would make it even better!