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Ps2 controller trouble

I'm having troubles trying to connect a ps2 controller to an Arduino mega via lynksmotion adapter.. I can't get it working even with the example sketch of this library!.. When i tried to connect it with a bradboard connection I had it working but when I made the direct connection to the board only once it gave me OK and after a reset of the board it failed and failed and failed again... T_T 

I think that the connection is correct! I used this image as example: 

maybe someone have already used this library and can give me an hand! :D

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4rr0w, are you saying that it does work correctly on a breadboard without the adapter?

-Bill Porter

No, it worked on the breadboard with the adpter, in fact I was able to read which button I was pushing on the serial monitor, but when I connected it directly to my arduino duemilanove it said OK only after some resets and never more!

Ah and sometimes it gave me on the serial monitor some output strings and some other characters like: X button pressedc4|§¸§lÓ´▄Ý2┼!&Ø !!!   O_ò

I've tested the PS2X Lib with an PS2 controller clone from Hama. It works like a charm out of the box without any changes. Great work Bill.

I've been using a 3.3V Arduino Pro with 8MHz clock. As you can read in the curious inventors tutorial the PS2 controllers are 3.3V devices. Don't know if it will work on 5V.

I have been using mine a 5V with no problems so far. But for all I know I could be causing long term damage.


If you look through the comments on my website, someone found throught experimentation the correct resistor values needed to drop the signal voltages down to 3.3V from a 5V Arduino.

@RobotFreak & @Bill: I know, in fact I'm already using it (original sony ps2 controller) with 3v3 of my arduino duemilanove!