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EEPROM Addresses, Blocks, Nooks and Crannies

This is a general post to discuss the in's and out's of how much and where data is stored in an EEPROM.

My first question is with a 24LC16B. I am led to belive that, using the slave code and switching through the "blocks", I should have 8 blocks and 256 spaces per block to stick data. I am open to any ideas, explainations or tutorials.

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Well, I'd start by swapping that out for a 24LC256 or something a bit beefier!! The 16 refers to the 16kbit capacity. (Get your calculator ready...) 16*1024/8= 2Kbytes of storage.

I think when you speak of blocks you may have discovered the 3 block select bits of your control byte. You CAN have 8 physical devices in parallel. I think you only have one.

Ewww. I fogot you use that BASIC stuff. No can help. Sozzy.

Yeah, I thought I read in the data sheets that there are only 3 blocks... It was a bit confusing as the data sheet I am using contains data for all the chips they make, from big to small. Well, they are cheap as can be, I'll put a few on my next parts order.  As for the basic, I will strip it from this post and put it on a different one. I know Frits likes things tidy in here! --Thanks for your help, you are too kind.


Never, never, never pay for ICs. Get free engineering samples from Microchip. They EVEN pay the postage!!

Here's the data sheet for the 24xx16n.

I'm tellin' ya: get a heap of them and make a little daughtercard to plug into your board.


Man, that's a good idea.
There's nothing clever to it. Just put all the pins in parallel, except the address lines. Each of these should be wired high or low such that each chip has a unique address. If you get 8x 25LC256's that's 8*256*1024 262144 bytes = 256K. Ching ching.