Let's Make Robots!


Stimulating the right part of my brain


Since every recruit goes through initiation I just ordered the START HERE kit from picaxe (well most of the parts). Cool!


And then I got hands on a stash of harddisks at my job. They are all cr*p so I took them apart. Nice!

A ton of screws and lot's of bling bling. But what now?

So far we came to this, video included. Some more to come ;)

It took some fideling with the code but it kind of works now. Very sensitive I noticed, setting some LED's to high (2..3) already made strange stuff happening (like not stopping for an obstacle).

It still needs an on/off switch, I will stick that in the back like a little tail.

It turned out very slow but that's ok I guess.

So what can it do. Well, drive arround, avoid obstacles, blink leds and moves its arms.

And it's funny. Especially when you tell "viewers" that it moves like lightning.

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Here's the motors;

This isn't really a robot suggestion, but save the magnets and build a windmill!

Pretty good idea, I worked on that few years ago. A levitating non friction windmill that uses the rare earth magnets to "float" above it's base. The problem I had then was the position of the blades (vertical), I couldn't find a proper mechanical solution to "close" the blades that where spinning back towards the wind (and reduce drag). With the pic it should be doable (didn't know them at that time).

Something like the above, since the wind hits the mill from 1 side (and thus pushing the blades backward, left side in the picture) the other side will rotate towards the wind producing drag. Not very efficient.

Another problem was the electro motor, it has to be build pretty exact to produce enough power but still would be spinable. Best would be a brushless motor but it's quite a challenge to get that to put out power efficiently.

Maybe a combination, a wind powered robot......

DucheBot, you are a very talented person!

Thanks, you're such a nice gay! I just wish I had more skill then talent.....

How about some belt tracks for a change?

I expect them any day now :) Got 2 types of belts from http://www.technobotsonline.com/wheels-and-propellers/tracks.html for a couple of euro's.

Out of a gazillion parts I used these for now

And then stacked together it looks something like this

Only harddisk parts so far.

Remember kids, the older the better. I found more parts in the prehistoric beasts up to 1GB then in the newer ones. 1 one of them even used a proper steppenmotor to move the "read-heads" over the disks. Freak knows from what era that was.

Those HD heads are very similar to legs. Like these:

Starship troopers