Let's Make Robots!


Stimulating the right part of my brain


Since every recruit goes through initiation I just ordered the START HERE kit from picaxe (well most of the parts). Cool!


And then I got hands on a stash of harddisks at my job. They are all cr*p so I took them apart. Nice!

A ton of screws and lot's of bling bling. But what now?

So far we came to this, video included. Some more to come ;)

It took some fideling with the code but it kind of works now. Very sensitive I noticed, setting some LED's to high (2..3) already made strange stuff happening (like not stopping for an obstacle).

It still needs an on/off switch, I will stick that in the back like a little tail.

It turned out very slow but that's ok I guess.

So what can it do. Well, drive arround, avoid obstacles, blink leds and moves its arms.

And it's funny. Especially when you tell "viewers" that it moves like lightning.

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Enjoyed the videos - and the "Leap of Faith" i bet required a one left handed catch.

Hes got some new street cred too....."Surfs Up" - he will be the first to "dive" in no doubt.

Didn't have a pingpongball so i borrowed a bouncing ball of the kids.

Guess I have to buy them a new one ;)

A few stickers and a mini skateboard later

The plan was to have a RGB LED inside the head to give it more personality  :-)

Haha, that's hilarious! It's like Calimero or the top of a skull (would match the teeth on my both. Think I'll steal that also :)

Lol, liking the teeth :D


What does rommel mean?

Thats a dutch word for junk or rubbish. Look at http://translate.google.nl/#nl|en|rommel.

I like the shiny metal hdd parts on it :D



When I first saw the name "Rommel" I thought instantly at the german general! haha, I never thought it's a dutch word

Makes me think if you could utilise the "Head-Readers" on the end of the arms - maybe to detect magnetic field or Metal....just a thought.

If i remember those magnets that help drive the arms are pretty powerful too......

I already cut that part off to be honest. Together with the copper spool and rest of wiring. The magnets are really powerfull, not sure if they are neodymium (i think they are even stronger). I'll wait for the new motor and will finish it (somewhere next week). Nice service from technobots. Got an email back straight away and they already shipped me the thing. A postagepaid envelope is included to return the one with the shorter shaft. Now that's nice.