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Pickit2 uart

I want to be very sure before any soldering or planning is done. I have seen that the pickit2 can be used serially. http://physics.uoregon.edu/~torrence/610/docs/pickit2.pdf . How every i am not too sure whether i can still program it nomrally and whether or not it requires coding as i am using c18.  Could you guys Help me out in this? Thanks in advance.

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for example, printf sensor values and display it on a terminal screen

Oh, if you just want to use the PICKit2 to talk to a PIC then you don't have to do any reprogramming or soldering or anything on the PICKit. Just connect the serial pins to the UART instead of the PGM pins.

So after connecting to the serial pins, can i still program normally? And is there any code in c18 which i need to use to enable uart? and which terminal program to use? Sorry for asking so many questions, i feel that serial comm is worth using :)

You can still program normally... but you need to reconnect to the programming pins of course. With the exception of using a PIC that can self-program while running.
You'll need to tell the UART module how fast to run, whether to run inverted or normally, and a few other configuration settings - no different to any other serial comms.
You can use whatever terminal program you want, but I'd stick with whatever's in the manual, or just use HyperTerminal (assuming Windows OS).
You can always use the PICKit2 connected for programming, and then use an FTDI adapdtor or something else to do the serial comms at the same time.

What do you mean by "used serially"?