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ARRG my track kit is missing

Well, I ordered the solarbotics track set earlier this month and it was supposed to arrive on the 16th but so far its a no show D:

I dont know what to do.. unfortunately I used the standard post option which is untrackable and uninsured so I am probably up the proverbial creek without a paddle. There was a typhoon that came across south east asia last week so I`m  hoping and praying it just got delayed a bit. Although with my luck its floating around somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean -.-

I sent an email to Solarbotics but I dont think theres anything they can do about it either.


Just a point of interest, how many people use insured postage on orders less than USD$100?

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If you used a credit card (not a debit card) they usually insure the items you buy for 90 days. This covers accidental breakage and loss. They may refund your purchase if it is truely lost in the mail.

I thought about trying to get a refund through my credit card like that but I dont really want to stiff Solarbotics. Its not their fault Im a cheapskate and never insure anything.

I sent them an email and they replied back this morning. They cant track it, but if it doesn`t show up by the end of the month they said they might be able to resend it and maybe claim on their insurance.

No don't issue a chargeback that would be illegal since they did ship it. Tell the credit card company you want to file an insuance claim since it was lost. Most credit card companies offer this as a free service for any item you bought using their card within 90 days from purchase. Solarbotics gets their money and your credit card company would refund you the money. It is the credit card company that pays for the loss.

Not every card offers insurance on all purchases, but yours may. This is NOT a chargeback. You ONLY do chargebacks when the vendor commits fraud (doesn't ship, misrepresents the product, or fails to follow their merchant agreement).

Yeah, it wouldn't be fair to report it to your credit card and shaft SolarBotics, since they obviously did ship it. I placed an order from Solarbotics once and it took weeks to get here too, and I'm in the US (it sounds like you're not). I think it's normal -- I'm guessing Canada's postal system just isn't very fast. Now I order all my Solarbotics stuff from Pololu, because they carry most of it and they're in the US. I'd just wait a little longer if I were you, I'm sure it'll turn up in time.


I use insured postage on anything I can't afford to buy twice.

 Theres probobly nothing you can do abou it,

but it sucks all the same.

me? i never used insured post-stuff