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Sparkfun's Ardumoto


On the Ardumoto, if you have it connected up to the arduino but no motor's connected are the direction lights supposed to illuminate on when receiving signals ?

I have the code uploaded to Arduino and i have processing running and it all works (as far as i can tell)

The code I've used is taken from Chris Rojas project: http://www.projectallusion.com/1/post/2009/11/iphone-controlled-solar-powered-arduino-tank.html

What i'm getting currently is just one light illuminating when i push fader2 backwards but when i push it forward no other light comes on, and this only happens on one side the other side stays unlit.


Running on 6v (4x AA) through barrel socket

USB plugged in

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To answer my own question, yes they do

It would seem that sending the signals through the serial terminal illuminates the lights as they should except for MotorB Forwards (BF)

edit; seems the led is faulty :(

so then there's something amiss with the processing code.