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RGB Mixer -Processing to Picaxe (Stolen from Guibot)

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**First off yes, in the video I say "Control return" and yes, I meant "Carrage return" --I know, I know... **

Inspired by Guibot's RGB slider system, written in processing, I have modified his code to work with picaxe. My set-up is a bit weird on Walter in that the data is being sent via bluetooth and relayed between 2 picaxe chips. --Don't let this confuse you, you simply need to get some serial data from your lappy into your picaxe. In the past, I have simply gone into my system folder and found out the com number for the picaxe sync cable. This cord and com number can be used by processing to send data to your picaxe. On most picaxe boards, the sync cable plugs into the serin and serout pins (the ones for zjinking in your program) in the code I attached, I am using the hserin/out pins. You have some options here: You can modify your hardware so the sync cable will connect to your hser pins -or- you can change the code to use the regular pins and change to a serrxd command within the code. I personally like the hser commands and set-up. I think between Guibot's post, the code I have posted and the video everything should be pretty self-explanitory --hit me up with any questions you may have.

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carriage return :)

That is why I started this post with this line:

**First off yes, in the video I say "Control return" and yes, I meant "Carrage return" --I know, I know... **

[Valet parking for your horse and carriage.]

What is "Control return"? Should it not be "Carrage return"?