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Help with serial data out and VB

I am looking for a small snippit of code to show me how I could send a byte or two from Virtual Basic out to my picaxe. I am planning on using my Picaxe sync cable as the serial port and I can find the com port number. Would anyone be so kind as to give me a hand?

P.S. I am asking this for another guy.


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If using VB is not a firm requirement, I've been having good success using RobotBASIC to communicate back and forth with a PICAXE 20X2 project.  RobotBASIC is a free download from http://www.robotbasic.org/.  There is a whole section of the help file dedicated to serial comms and there are examples at the website showing code for Basic Stamps and Propeller.

Here is a simple program I use to send strings back and forth over COM 4.  The first few lines are to configure the port and setup a handshake, and then the code just toggles between receive and send:

CommPort = 4
setcommport CommPort,br9600,8,pNone,sbOne,fcNone
Print "Terminal"

 thisChar = "R"
 serout thisChar
 delay 20
 SerIn s
 if s <> "R" then goto shake

 checkserbuffer n
 if n>=1
  delay 1000
  SerIn s
  print s
  goto main
 input "?", u

 for i=1 to length(u)
  thisChar = char(GetStrByte(u,i))
  serout thisChar
  delay 10 

goto main

There is a C# project about it you can look at. It should be easily translated to VB.NET.


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