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Rover robot

Obstacle avoidance rover

What every tech-nut dreams of; build your own robot! Finally I built my obstacle avoiding rover robot using;

  • Arduino Duemilanove – robot brain
  • Hi-Tec HS 311 servos – actuator/ drive for wheels
  • spring loaded single throw switch for sensor (mustache/bump switch)
  • wheels from a “99 cents only” store toy
  • don’t own a drill (sigh :cry: I know) so used masking tape to hold plywood sheets which form the chassis

It is a simple one, to get my feet wet; Arduino drives 4 servos, mustache detects obstacles, simple algorithm reverses rover and turns it to avoid obstacle. Turning is achieved by reversing rotation direction on one side of the rover.

*** Please visit http://arunwaves.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/rover-robot/ for more pics and video.

Feel free to ask any questions.


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It's very nice, and there is area for improvement. you could use a servo to turn your rangefinder around. and i suggest soldering once you know it works, just so you can regain the breadboard

Thanks for your observation.

Actually I am implementing such an idea (servo mounted range finder). It is programmed to detect obstacle (essentially a sharp reduction in distance measured by the range finder) and turn away. If the IR range finder does not catch it, the bump sensors should do the job. Will post the video once it is in a presentable state.

Yes, I definitely need to get my soldering iron out, the criss cross wiring is turning out to be a big hassle. I accidently knocked some of them leading to an open circuit followed by lots of cursing!!!