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Android phone as a controller

Hello there :)

I'm on the edge of purchasing an android phone. Looking at specifications around i thought: "Hey but this is the perfect controller for a robot!!" It has an incredible inventory of useful stuff: gps, compass for navigation, wifi, bluetooth and cellular for communication, huge screens for UI, speaker for talking, plenty of cpu, camera, easily programmable, and so on, all packed in a small package, all low power! And all for as less as $200! What do you want more ??

There's only a drawback: there's no simple way to phisically connect a device to peripherals :(

Practically all android phones lack any kind of serial, spi or i2c connection. They have USB but client only.

Anyone know of some hack to resolve the issue ? I tought of opening the phone and try to identify an i2c bus, but it's a little too invasive :) some hack on the USB? Some SPI ?

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Connecting an Arduino to an Android phone be possible with Amarino: http://www.amarino-toolkit.net/

I haven't tried, but I spotted the link on DIY Drones.

someone must have had my same idea :)


I saw this last week and I'm very tempted......very very tempted....


Yes, that's an interesting board.Using ADB for communication is a cool idea.

Something similar for Arduino is the MicroBridge. But you will need a additional USB Host shield

Based on that is the PropBridge for Propellor. USB Host can be implemented in Software.

I think about porting this to .NETMF for my FEZ Domino. FEZ domino has a builtin USB Host