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Inner wheel suspension

A small bot and suspension. Big task. But after taking some HDD appart and looking at round things for some time I came to suspension anyway. For a small bot this will work, i'll try and make it functional in the Rommel robot. You need per wheel 2 rings of let's say 1cm wide, a bigger and a smaller one (pick your size on availability). The inner ring will be connected to motor or axis. Arround that the second (bigger) ring goes, and the idea: in between you put some rubber or foam like material (depending on the weight of the bot). So basically you have 3 rings of which one is "soft" and will respond to impact. It's worth a try.

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Crap, I wish I was born in 1912. Everything I can think off is already there. And better.

After watching the movie "Hunt for Red October" I built a submarine drive that had no moving parts, just the water. A few weeks later I read about the exact same motor being tested by Japanese engineers. Theirs was much better because they used super conductors. My model blew the fuse on a car battery charger trying to stir a glass of water :(

Sounds like you are re-inventing the TWEEL to me.

... something like this would work too:


And on another thought a bike like wheel construction but instead of spokes using springs.